*Hyle. Aristotle’s word for “prime matter.” Translated by Thomas Aquinas as material prima. Aristotle’s concept arose out of a critique of Anaximander’s notion of apeiron. The idea of hyle is closely related to that of quintessence, in that both are that which remains unchanged during any process of change.
*On = being. Onta = beings


Hyle’on started as a one man band in Oradea, a small Romanian city, the capital of Bihor County, a region that covers the western side of the country, at the Hungarian border. It is the year 2007, the year that a previous project named Crown Of Sins ceased to exist and the founder, Caesar decided that he should try something else. Thus Crown Of Sins became Hyle’on and the sound evolved from doom-gothic to black metal, with some pagan influences. So in late August, 2007, the first demo was released, DEADSUN, and the first Myspace.com page went online. Shortly thereafter, Vlad, the former Crown Of Sins drummer joined the band.

In this new lineup, Hyle’on released a second album, “In The Name Of The Further”, a full length 8 tracks release that came together with the new official site, Hyleon.com on the 1st November of 2007. The sound evolved from pagan to folk black metal, a combination of styles, from northern forest and viking, to pure transylvanian sound.


Caesar revives Crown Of Sins with a new album, “To Faith Away”, an experimental sound of gothic metal inspired by the sounds of electro-pop and gothic metal. All 11 tracks are free to download from this site without any commercial restraints. Audio CD’s, were also available for the first time, by request, for only $4t.

There is also a new Hyleon album in progress that is to be released at the start of 2010.


Oradea, Romania, February the 1st, 2010. Hyleon released the second full length album, Another Day in Paradise, under Creative commons license.
All songs and lyrics are free to promote and download but without commercial benefits.

August, 2010. 3 new members join Hyle’on: Serj and Ovidiu (guitars) and Alex (bass).

October, 2010. Vlad Tutza (drums) has left the band for personal reasons. Muller G. (drums) joins the band.