10 Signs You Should Be Less Picky

you are too pickyIt’s normal not to settle with loneliness and look for a compatible partner and, in case you didn’t find one, to continue meeting new people and get out the comfort zone, adapt and be open to things you haven’t tried before. You must understand however, that lack of success is seldom unrelated to you. Usually, constant failures mean you have to also analyze yourself, the way you communicate, at, think and relate to others; because in some ways, you can be your worst enemy.

Do you think that every new man you meet has some negative trait you cannot deal with? Are they all flawed? Are you searching for the perfect prince from a fairy tale to save you from your misery? Well, let’s do a reality check: they are all flawed because nobody is perfect. And fairy tales are just fairy tales. You need to put your feet on the ground and touch the surface of the Earth. How can you tell you are too picky in order to find relationship happiness? Well, let’s see…

  1. You consider all men you have ever met or tried to date to be annoying. Everything about them annoys you.
  2. If you look back, you find out that the men you accept at least for a first date are just a small number compared to the men you refused even to think about as a possible partner.
  3. You have ended relationships for stupid or irrelevant reasons.
  4. Most of the times you decide not to have a second date before you even know who you are dating with. Who is the man you shared a dinner or a coffee with.
  5. You don’t even remember the name of the last guy you have dated but you remember everything you disliked about him.
  6. You always tell yourself that you like a specific type of men but you are not able to actually pick at least five positive traits you like. You are rather focused on dislikes and why you cannot be with a specific guy or typology of guys.
  7. You are always late but you get irritated and angry if the guy is late. And you do it even when he has good reasons for being late.
  8. You always tell yourself that “all good men are already taken” and you just settle with that thought without even having the curiosity to meet or get to know someone new.
  9. You give fake phone numbers to guys that like you or you don’t bother to answer the phone when somebody calls you.
  10. You are the one that ends a relationship or refuses to get out with a guy. You never give a chance to anybody.

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