10 Tips on How to Feel Safe on a Date

feel safe on a dateYou should always stay in guard when you go on a date with a guy you’ve just met even when you think you know him, or people you trust say they know him.

The chances you go out with a serial killer are quite small but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You don’t know him. Dating is a lottery and you’d better protect yourself to avoid any issues and problems later. Wanna fell safe? Here is our first date set of rules:

1. Meet the guy downtown or at least in a highly populated place. If you don’t know him well, don’t let him take you from home and don’t let him take you back in his car. Take a cab.

2. Met in a public place or go with him on a double date but of course with a couple of your choice not his.

3. If you are confident that it will never be a second date and you are not at ease with him, pay your share of the dinner, your drinks or your ticket to the movie. This way, you won’t feel obliged to accept a second date.

4. Don’t ever forget that alcohol may influence you and not always for the better. It can cloud your judgement and thus, you can make poor decisions. If you need a drink to get you in the mood and relax on your first date, make it just a beer or a glass of wine. Too much alcohol is never good for anything. You might end up doing something you’ll regret the next day.

5. If you are driving to the place you are supposed to meet your date, make sure you have enough gas in the tank of your car. If you have to call for a cab, do it but don’t let him hear the address of destination.

6. Don’t think that if a person tells you he has moral values or that he is a christian that goes to church each day you will be safe. People would tells us what we need to hear if they would benefit from their lies.

7. Don’t accept an invitation to a coffee at his place after the first date even if you felt like you were meant for each other. If all went well, plan a second date and go home.

8. Avoid if possible a first date in a remote location or in a park at night. A dark alley maybe romantic for a date but it may not be safe in the evening or at night.

9. Listen to your gut. If your gut tells you to run, just do it.

10. Tell a close friend or some family member where are you going, at what hour and how much you plan to stay. Tell them to give you a phone call at a specific hour in order to check if you are O.K.. If the date goes well, there is no problem, you can tell them that. However, if things are looking bad you will have a good excuse to leave the location and say good night.

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