10 Reasons to Feel Good About a Second Marriage

shutterstock_5222458_1It’s hard to think positive about the possibility of a second marriage, especially when the first one has ended badly. Divorce is never a easy to make decision and it will never happen without leaving scars on at least one of the two spouses. Nobody wants to be hurt again, some of the divorcees even have kids that have to be taken care of hence, they don’t want to put unnecessary stress on them or their children.

Those who have survived a divorce and even managed to remarry, know that this perspective is not as bad as it might seem at a first glance. Sure, not all of you will find happiness in a second marriage but after a failure, if you know how to learn from your own mistakes, the chances of failure are smaller than before. There are many reasons not to fear a second marriage and we will try to point the most important of them.

Here are ten reasons not to refuse a second chance in marriage:

1. Statistics are in your favor. According to the available numbers, the chances of divorce in second marriages are very low. The reasons are quite obvious as people who failed once will know better the second time, learning from their past mistakes and trying harder to make things work. Besides, you are no longer marrying just to escape from home or proving a point to a friend or a parent. You are doing it for the second time because you know you really want this and you believe with all your mind and heart that this person is right for you and you might have a chance at achieving marriage success.

2. As I already said in the previous paragraph, your second marriage will be a mature decision taken not because you want to run away from home or prove that you are an adult but because you know you really want this in your life. You are ready to start a family and make things work between you and your partner.

3. Life experience makes you wiser. Both you and your future husband have already learned your lessons from your past mistakes and you should be ready to take the next step.

4. If you already have kids, you have nothing to worry about. Two dads are better than one dad. Moreover, if you have full custody, your kid/kids will grow in a more positive environment as two parents who form a family will be more able to take care of him/them and to offer everything a child needs.

5. You have already learned from your previous relationships that a partner cannot be changed and transformed in what you need him to be. As a consequence, there’s a good chance that this time you have chosen the right one for you. With experience, comes wisdom.

6. According to medical data, married people have a higher life expectancy than non married ones. That is because marriage comes with stability, less financial problems, security and less stress. Routine looks like a demon at a first glance but it may surely save your ass on the long term.

7. With age, comes maturity and knowledge. Both you and your partner are able to better understand what a relationships is and what you need to do in order to make it survive on the long run.

8. Financial stability. Shared expenses, joint accounts.

9. Your best memories together are not only from the wedding or the honey moon. This is a more mature relationship based on more important and serious things. You spend time to know each other, you communicate better and work more on you and your relationship.

10. Finally, people engaged in happy relationships are less likely to develop depression, one of the most “popular” aflictions in the present days.

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