10 Signs You Should Consider Divorce

[are you thinking about divorce?]1) There is no question; you are not on the same page, at least not anymore. In fact, it seems that for some time, you are not even in the same universe. Most couples experience difficulties and problems, they argue and then reconcile. You however, are incapable of reconciling when difficulties arise. There are times when you cannot look into your partner eyes and it is getting harder and harder to communicate and solve problems together. Arguments have become a routine.

2) You consider your marriage to be a lesser evil compared to the unknown that lies ahead if you choose to divorce. The fear of loneliness is no reason however to stick together. Most people are afraid of changes but sometimes, when there are no other options for reconciliation, the change is welcomed.

3) You no longer respect each other. While respect is one of the corner stones of a relationship, the lack of it will definitely lead to its undoing.

4) You fantasize everyday about being single again and you even started to enjoy the idea. You cannot imagine a future with your husband anymore, your paths seems to not even cross anymore. You feel good when you are alone and it seems to be too much of a compromise when he is around.

5) You are being treated in a disrespectful manner or you are in an abusive relationship. Deep inside, you know that you have to reassess your status and reevaluate your relationship. It doesn’t do you any good.

6) Everything you once loved about your husband, you hate now. He has nothing more to offer you, at least nothing positive anyway. You remember loving him but you cannot feel that love anymore.

7) You have discovered that your husband is unable to meet your needs. Emotional, spiritual or physical.

8) You have already tried a trial short time separation in order to assess where you stand and reevaluate your emotions. It didn’t fix anything. You are back together but the bad feelings are still there, where they were before the trial separation.

9) You both agree that you are together only because you have kids and you don’t want them to be raised in a dysfunctional family. Indeed, divorce can be a traumatic experience for little children but at the same time, you have to understand that it’s more traumatic for them to be raised in a family that cannot function as it is.

10) You have already tried couple therapy and it didn’t do you any good. You are far away from each other, farther than you have ever been.

If you meet all of these signs you should contact a divorce attorney from a law firm such as Sisemore Law firm to start with the process as it is best for your family.

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