No more Facebook

I have decided to close the Facebook account and the page associated to Hyleon.
1. There is no need of a third party for news sharing.
2. Facebook friends are not friends.
3. Facebook is no place for a metal band
4. I am fuckin’ tired of your invitations to events that are not even in my area.
5. I will not save the dogs, the earth, the whales. And i don’t care about how your kids poop’d for the first time.
6. It is simplier to type in your browser than facebook…/1827291928356512543.

Caesar Gabriel

2 comments to No more Facebook

  • Alexandra Maria  says:

    As a band you have the responsibility to keep your fans and friends in touch with the news or activities you’re into. You don’t have the right to judge them for sending Application requests, sharing requests or whatever other kind of requests there might be! It’s unfair to them, it’s unfair to ME who I’m listening to your songs every day and night, to me and fans who stand up for your band and wait for you to have more upcoming concerts… Can’t you just get over that foolish egocentrism of yours? Fans are the reason why a band lives… why YOUR band lives. Not for you as an instrumentist or for you as an individual or for the rest of your guys in there. Don’t deprive your fans for being in touch with you guys more easily. Maybe we could talk, my yahoo id is alexandra.ella92 … Your band is my dream band that I couldn’t have in Oradea, so I moved in Timisoara, but never find anyone to help me build my dream band. Don’t mess it up… I could give my life for a band like yours.

  • caesar  says:

    It’s our decision to keep the band and the brand available worldwide so, I will reply to you in English:
    Facebook it’s only a platform. A platform that owns the rights of everything we upload: lyrics, music and pictures. As you probably know, their new policy is to make everyone pay if they want subscribers and fans to see the updates. It is only logic that our site serves us better. Updates are visible to anyone and the content belongs to us.

    Updates about concerts and future releases will still be posted on Facebook, by the other members of the band, on their personal pages, if they wish so.

    P.S. Make your dream band come true. Create and play music you would like to listen to as I do with Hyleon and COS. Nothing else matters.

    Caesar Gabriel

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