10 Incredible Truths About Kissing

truths about kissingA KISS is probably one of the best ways to manifest affection, love, gratitude, happiness and passion. There are many ways you can kiss somebody as you can kiss your father, your kid, your friends or your lover for different reasons, in different ways and with different states of mind and spirit. There are also many things people don’t know about kissing although they kiss and they are being kissed every day. Our advice? Love, kiss and be kissed and learn with us and our friends what all this means!

1) Kissing can be quite healthy – We all know how good a kiss feels, especially when we receive it from someone we love. What some of us don’t know however, is that a kiss can also be quite good for our health. It’s good for the skin and its complexion, it stimulates the blood flow, it prevents tooth cavities and it also helps us get read of the obnoxious headaches.

2) A kiss makes you high – The endorphins (the body’s natural analgesic) that flow through your body during a kiss are 200 times more powerful than an average morphine shot. That’s why we smile, we fell happiness and an overall good disposition when we are being kissed by the one we love!

3) Kissing may be unhealthy as well – A single kiss may transmit from one person to another no less than 300 different types of bacteria. A passionate kiss can raise the number up to one million. Viruses may also be transmitted through mouth to mouth interaction.

4) Kissing can make you sick – Before we found out that it can be transmitted through other types of physical contact as well, we described mononucleosis as a “kissing disease”. There are also many types of herpes viruses that may be related to kissing!

5) Eskimo kiss is just a myth – Many of us learn from childhood that eskimos kiss each other by touching the tips of theor noses. While this particular option seems a little bit strange to us, it is also just a myth. Nortteheners kiss just like the rest of us. With their lips.

6) A kiss may not be legal – Over the course of history, governments and officials imposed and issued many laws that today would seem rather odd and funny. Some of them are still available. For example, in a little town in Iowa, USA, it’s forbidden to kiss a stranger while a small community from Connecticut have to deal with a local law which forbids wives to kiss their husbands on Sundays.

7) A long and well deserved holiday – According to official statistics, a human being spends approximately 15 days of his or her life kissing. Therefore, when you fell overwhelmed and stressed with work, think about that specific holiday you have already spent by doing something you love!

8 ) Kissing burns calories – A french kiss for example needs no less than 34 different face muscles. A short kiss burns only a few calories but a long passionate one, burns up to 26 calories. And we are ta talking about just one kiss, one out of many others you are experiencing during a day, especially in the beginning of a relationship.

9) Lips are very sensitive – They are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of your fingers. Therefore, the sensations you experience during a kiss are more powerful than any other type of physical touch.

10) We are not the only mammals that kiss – Apes kiss and they do it frequently just like us. Chimps for examples use their lips when they kiss while the Bonobos, the most intelligent apes, kiss just like people do it, by using their lips and their tongues as well. A french kiss therefore, may not be as french as the french people think it is.

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