10 Clues All He Wants is Just Sex

all he wants is sexOne thing is to be blessed with a partner that has a high libido and an entirely other thing to date a guy who only cares about getting into your pants. In the first case, he may have strong feelings for you while in the second case, there’s only just one thing: his desires, regardless of who you are, what you want or what you expect from him.

Can you tell what your date is thinking? Well, in part anyways, you can. You have to pay attention to how he “operates” though, his behaviour and everything he sais. We have prepared a few examples that will help you asses better whether or not he’s into you or he’s just into sex with you.

  1. He’s calling or texting you frequently but only late at night, way over your bed time hour. And he is doing it after a drinking party with the guys, when he feels bored and needs the company of a female friend.
  2. He’s becoming frustrated when you invite him over JUST to see a movie. You call him and invite him over for a movie. He seems to be eager to jump into his car as soon as possible. However, when he arrives and sees that it is only a movie and not a booty call, he becomes stressed, preoccupied, tired and eventually frustrated. He suddenly remembers that he needs to be in another place and storms off.
  3. You have never met his friends. The less you know about him and his life, the easier will be for him to dump you as soon as he finds a new “toy” to play with. If you don’t know who he is, who are his friends, where he lives or works, it’s almost impossible to imagine making plans together even for the next few days. On the other hand, if he doesn’t want you to meet his friends, he unwillingly sends you a clear sign that he’s not considering you for the long run.
  4. He makes it obvious that he doesn’t want you to spend the night at his place. He invites you over for some action but as soon as the sex is over, he remembers suddenly that he has to be somewhere, do something, and so on. He doesn’t allow you to leave a toothbrush, a towel or even a scarf at his place. Moreover, besides the sex talk, he is not interested in talking with you and he doesn’t want to do anything together with you, as a couple.
  5. He lets you leave his place only after he makes sure you didn’t “forgot” any of your personal belongings there. We’ve said it before, we’ll repeat it here: A man that has nothing in store for you except sex, will make sure he is sending you all the right signals, according to his expectations. In other words, he won’t allow you to leave a toothbrush, a towel or even a scarf at his place.
  6. You were never on a real date.  A romantic dinner, a walk in the park, a visit to the theater or the movies. If a man wants a real relationship, he will invite you out, spending his time and money with you, trying to court you and make you fall in love with him. For a sex oriented dude, everything that sounds romantic is just a waste of time.
  7. He insists to share with you the bill for the takeout order. WHY? Although it sounds silly, if he pays for your food, you might think or feel you are on a romantic date. Which is not the case. As a consequence, he tries – at least mentally – to get as far away – from a romantic dinner concept – as he can.
  8. He is  „busy” when you call him to discuss a personal matter. If he is not interested in you romantically, he will also try to avoid being close to you. He will not be interested in confiding in you, in letting you confide in him, in listening or talking about personal emotional stuff. Therefore, if you are not booty-calling him, don’t bother, he’ll be busy doing something else, something important.
  9. Each time you meet, he will try to get into your pants. Literally. Wanna talk? Forget about it. Wanna watch a movie? Forget about it as well. If he’s sole purpose is to get you to his bed, then any other thing is just standing between him and his happiness.
  10. He’s complimenting you but only your physical appearance. In other words, he likes your ass, your legs, your silhouette, your body and so on. He doesn’t seem to care about your heart, your mind or your feelings.

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