The Book of Hyleon

Genesis 1.1. The birth of Hyleon

In the beginning there was the Matter – (Hyle). And the Matter existed in itself and from itself it began to Be -(On). Hyleon. The ¬†first wave of light, darkness, life and death. The first wind of permanence through chaos, of chaos through order and nothingness to being. Universe’s first glimpse of time and time’s first glimpse of future. A child born old and still too young not to learn to try to be eternal. Life. Matter. Time. Space. Order. And all the possibilities brought together by Light. And thus ended the first step of the Existence in its way to Be.

Genesis 1.2. Matter becomes Being

Hyleon grasped himself as the One became All and looked at the newly formed ordered chaos and took his first breath of pure light. “I am”, he said, while looking into the darkness’ depth with hunger. “I am!”

Genesis 1.3. When Hyleon created Everything

As Time expands the Space and thus creates the Suns
As Light embraces Darkness. It’s Hyleon who stands
As pure as Nothing, feeble and yet as great as All
The bearer of Deception, Creator of all Worlds.
From Matter into Logos and from the Pain through Might
He steps into the Chaos, casts Knowledge of the Right
No Word yet to be spoken, no image to be seen
But yet a glimpse of Matter that bears the Rules within.

A second passed in silence and Words came into being
As Light travelled its aeons and settled in within
The galaxies new formed and yet still to be born
As Space evolved to Hatred and finally gave birth.
The rocks began their saga, revolving their own suns
Each, mother of a new World, and daughter of the One
He, who betrayed the pure love and splattered into space
The father of creation, True Matter and True Faith.